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Electrocution May Represent a Significant Cause of Falls from Elevated Platforms at Job Sites

Although the rate of electrocution accidents related to the use of consumer products continues to decrease each year, electrocutions can play a substantial role when construction workers fall from high elevations. If an electrocution is involved, explaining how an accident happened and how injuries were caused by the negligent party are crucial when pursuing compensation…. Read More »

Is Virginia’s New Texting and Driving Law Working?

In Virginia, texting behind the wheel is now a primary offense. That means law enforcement officers can stop a vehicle without observing the driver committing any other unlawful conduct, such as speeding or failing to yield.  The new texting law took effect on July 1, 2013. In the first three months of enforcement, Virginia state… Read More »

What If I Am Partially at Fault for My Virginia Car Accident?

Being in a serious car accident can be overwhelming, and many victims are unsure what to do first. If you think you may have contributed to the crash, it is generally advisable to leave the assessment to the professionals. Being too quick to admit fault can damage your insurance claim as well as any future… Read More »

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