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Newport News Traffic Violations Lawyer

Representation in Newport News, Hampton, Norfolk, Williamsburg & Yorktown, VA

Traffic violations threaten your driving privileges and drive up your insurance premiums. If you've been cited for a serious traffic offense, it's worth fighting -- but only if you have an experienced traffic offense attorney, who knows the law, knows court procedure and conducts himself in a manner that reflects well on you. The Law Offices of Timothy H. Hankins has more than 30 years of courtroom experience in everything from auto accidents to criminal defense. Our firm has the determination to make a difference, with thorough investigations that build your best case in court.

Aggressive defense to traffic offenses in eastern Virginia

The best way to safeguard your driving privileges is not to lose them. If you face a serious traffic violation, don't try to fight it yourself. Choose a traffic attorney who is also a skilled criminal defense lawyer. Timothy H. Hankins has successfully represented Virginia residents accused of serious crimes, from DUI to drug possession. Our firm has obtained consistent, positive results for clients like you, because we ask probing questions, work hard to uncover facts favorable to our clients and come to court well prepared.

Help reinstating your Virginia driver's license

Driving privileges in Virginia can be lost three ways:

  • Suspension -- a temporary loss of driving privileges that are automatically reinstated when the time period is up or after you complete conditions to lift the suspension. Drivers can have their licenses suspended for reasons unrelated to driving, such as failure to pay child support or providing alcohol to a minor. However, the court may suspend your license for a reckless driving conviction or an excessive number of demerit points for traffic violations.
  • Revocation -- a termination of driving privileges, usually for very serious traffic violations. After a set period of time, if you have met certain conditions, you may reapply for a license. You must retake the written and road tests.
  • Disqualification -- the temporary or complete termination of a commercial driver's license that results from serious traffic violations or criminal charges.

If you have questions about the steps you must take to have your license reinstated, or how you prove to the court that you have met the requirements, Timothy H. Hankins can help.

Contact a traffic violation lawyer in Newport News, Hampton, Williamsburg, Norfolk, Windson & neighboring cities

If you're facing a serious traffic violation in Virginia, protect your license. Call Timothy H. Hankins today at 757-525-9883 or contact our office online to schedule a free consultation.

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