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The Commonwealth of Virginia is aggressively cracking down on drunk drivers. If you are pulled over for DUI, you face a prolonged suspension of your license, fines and possibly jail time. For many Virginians, the loss of driving privileges makes it much harder to earn a living and puts a severe strain on their families. The embarrassment that comes with a DUI arrest and conviction can also be damaging to their reputations and their careers. To minimize the fallout from a DUI arrest, you need a skilled and determined attorney with experience in traffic law and criminal defense. For more than 30 years, the Law Offices of Timothy H. Hankins has helped accused drivers retain their driving privileges and restore their reputations.

Escalating penalties for DUI in Virginia

In Virginia, penalties for DUI increase based on age, blood alcohol content (BAC) and whether the charge is a first, second or third offense. Escalating punishment includes lengthier jail sentences, higher fines and longer license suspensions.

DUI convictions come with automatic license suspensions. Out-of-state drivers should be aware that Virginia belongs to the Driver License Compact, an interstate agreement that honors penalties imposed anywhere among the 45 member states. Unless you live in one of the five non-member states, your home state license will be suspended until Virginia reinstates it.

Challenging evidence at every stage

As an experienced criminal defense attorney, Timothy H. Hankins knows what it takes to refute criminal charges. Chemical tests of breath, urine or blood can be questioned based on collection methods, storage, chain of custody or the failure to perform scheduled maintenance on Breathalyzer machines. There may be reason to challenge the traffic stop that led to your arrest. Traffic violations lawyer Timothy H. Hankins makes every effort to challenge the case against you, including negotiating plea agreements and trying your case

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