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Domestic Violence Lawyer in Newport News, VA

Effective defense representation from a skilled trial attorney

The Code of Virginia refers to domestic violence as "family abuse." Under Virginia law, the abuser and victim must be members of the same family or household for the victim to receive a family abuse protective order. Unrelated persons who have a child in common are considered family under the code. If you're looking for a qualified domestic violence attorney to assist you in Hampton, Newport News, Yorktown and surrounding cities, the Law Offices of Timothy H. Hankins can help. As a family law attorney for more than 30 years, Mr. Hankins has dealt with numerous instances of domestic violence where he helped clients obtain protective orders and other remedies. As a skilled criminal defense attorney, Mr. Hankins has capably represented spouses who were accused of domestic violence.

Protective orders in Hampton, Norfolk, Yorktown & Williamsburg

A family abuse protective order is a civil remedy. So, while you may press criminal charges against your abuser, it is not necessary to do so to obtain a protective order. Virginia has three types of family abuse protective orders:

  • Emergency protective order (EPO) -- This court order lasts for 72 hours. It may order the abuser to stop the offending behavior; prohibit the abuser from contacting you at home, at work or by phone; order the abuser to vacate the home you share; and provide other relief necessary for your protection. If you wish these terms to remain in effect, you must apply for a preliminary protective order (PPO) before the EPO expires.
  • Preliminary protective order (PPO) -- This court order may provide the first three elements of the EPO, plus grant you the exclusive possession of your jointly owned home and car; assign you temporary custody of the children; and provide other relief necessary for your protection.
  • Final protective order (PO) -- This court order may provide the all elements of the PPO, plus require the abuser to pay for you and the children to live somewhere else, and require the abuser to enter treatment or counseling.

If you are the victim of a stalker and want a stalking protective order, a warrant for the stalker's arrest must be issued, so you must press criminal charges.

Domestic violence allegations in divorce proceedings

Any divorce lawyer can attest that accusations of domestic violence fly like confetti during contested divorce proceedings. Some are legitimate and deserve immediate attention for the safety of the abused spouse and children. Others are trumped up to gain advantage in the divorce litigation. Allegations may even follow divorce settlements, when an embittered spouse desires to poison the relationship between the ex and their children. If you have been accused of domestic violence and fear the impact it will have on your child custody or visitation rights, as well as your relationship with your children, Timothy H. Hankins can help. We have vast experience in family law and criminal defense, including successful jury trials for serious crimes.

Contact a determined domestic violence attorney in eastern Virginia

If you are the victim of domestic violence or have been unfairly accused, contact us immediately to schedule a free consultation. Timothy H. Hankins has the family law and criminal trial experience to capably represent you. Call 757-525-9883 or schedule your visit online.

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