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Attorney to Write Wills in Newport News, VA

Drafting reliable documents that record your final wishes

Even folks of modest means and limited assets want to leave a legacy to those they love. But unless you record your wishes in a legally recognized way, the law dictates where your assets go without regard for your intentions. Important people in your life can be shortchanged or passed over entirely. For more than 30 years, the Law Offices of Timothy H. Hankins has provided clients in Hampton, Williamsburg, Norfolk and nearby cities with clear, understandable wills. We ensure that you have the final say about who benefits from your lifetime of labor.

Attentive and informative lawyer for writing wills

Most clients who see us for advice about their wills are not familiar with the way inheritance law in Virginia operates. We take the time to explain what happens when a Virginia resident dies intestate, that is, without a will. We apply the law to your particular family structure, which may include an ex-spouse, children from a previous marriage and aging parents. We draw upon our decades of experience to ask necessary questions about your finances and your goals in providing for dependent loved ones.

Prompt service in Hampton, Newport News & nearby cities

While it's always best to draft a will well in advance and then update it as your circumstances change, there are times when the creation of a will becomes an urgent necessity. If you receive a troubling medical diagnosis or face a surgical procedure, you may feel motivated to put your affairs in order. If you have an older relative who seems to be experiencing more than his share of "senior moments," you may want to arrange a consultation while he still has the capacity. As a lawyer for families, Timothy H. Hankins understands the delicacy of the circumstances, and works to establish a relaxed and supportive atmosphere during will consultations.

Avoid delays that can hurt your dependent loved ones

Even if Virginia inheritance law would direct your assets toward the relatives you care about, the absence of a will can add lengthy delays to the process of transferring your assets. If your spouse or children need those monetary resources, you must not burden them with intestacy proceedings. A simple, concise will from Timothy H. Hankins can eliminate surrogate court delays and speed relief to your heirs.

Contact a reliable attorney for wills in eastern Virginia

If you need a will to be drafted, or have an existing will you'd like reviewed and updated, contact Timothy H. Hankins to schedule a free consultation. Call 757-525-9883 or schedule your visit online.

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