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Criminal Defense Attorneys in Newport News, VA

Fighting to protect your rights and your liberty

When you consider the consequences of a criminal conviction, you know you must choose your defense attorney wisely. The Commonwealth is going to do everything possible to make the case against you; you need a hardworking trial lawyer to make the case in your favor. The Law Offices of Timothy H. Hankins has more than 30 years of experience in criminal defense work. Our firm is committed to aggressively defending your rights to minimize the negative impact of your arrest and let you get on with your life. We have experience representing clients accused of a wide range of criminal charges, including:

  • Arson
  • Assault and battery
  • Burglary
  • Domestic violence
  • Drug charges
  • Drunk and disorderly
  • DUI
  • Felonies

Dedicated legal service from start to finish

Timothy H. Hankins is on your side from the moment you call. We offer a free consultation and case evaluation in our office in Newport News, VA. At our first meeting, we lay everything on the line. We get to know you and you get to know us. If you decide to entrust your case to us, you'll get a highly focused and determined effort from a proven trial lawyer.

Managing expectations in hard-to-win cases

Lawyers for criminal defense know that one of the most important things we can do is to help you focus on realistic expectations. If you're innocent of the charges against you, it's reasonable to believe that a capable attorney can get you off. But if the facts are dead against you, the most you can expect from a very good lawyer is to have your charges and punishment reduced in a sentencing negotiation or plea bargain. Whether your attorney can even achieve a deal depends on his willingness to work hard on your behalf by conducting his own investigation, interviewing potential witnesses and examining the physical evidence. And most importantly, he must get to know you to present you sympathetically to the prosecutor and the court. Timothy H. Hankins believes that no two cases and no two defendants are ever alike. We treat you as an individual: worthy of our attention, worthy of our efforts and worthy of consideration by the court.

Contact a dependable and aggressive criminal defense attorney Serving Norfolk & Windson

If you've been arrested for a felony or misdemeanor in Virginia, get a free consultation and case evaluation from an experienced trial lawyer. Call Timothy H. Hankins at 757-525-9883 or contact our office online today to schedule an appointment.

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