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Former truck driver advocates for victims of big-rig accidents

Commercial truck accidents are proportionally deadlier and more expensive than auto accidents because of the sheer size of the vehicle involved. When an 18-wheeler gets into an altercation with a sedan, there's little doubt which will be worse for wear. When a big-rig jackknifes, it cuts a wide swath across the highway, wiping out the cars in its path. If you've been injured or a loved one has been killed in a tractor-trailer accident, you need an experienced attorney who's had success in complex, high-stakes personal injury cases.

The Law Offices of Timothy H. Hankins has successfully handled thousands of accident claims over more than 30 years. But even before that, Mr. Hankins was a tractor-trailer driver; his knowledge of the commercial transport industry provides insight most other accident attorneys can't match. That insight, hard work and dedication have resulted in substantial monetary awards and settlements for our clients in Hampton, Williamsburg, Norfolk and surrounding areas.

Challenging compliance with federal regulations

Because of their destructive potential, commercial trucks are regulated by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), a division of the United States Department of Transportation. FMCSA sets rules for truck drivers and their employers on issues such as the number of consecutive and cumulative hours a driver may work during any one period and required scheduled maintenance for the carriers. Timothy H. Hankins thoroughly investigates any failures of the driver or company to comply with federal regulations, which might indicate the cause of the crash. We consult with engineers and accident reconstruction experts to find any factors, such as faulty highway design, failure to maintain the roadway or operator error, which may have contributed to the crash. Our hard work in preparing your case for trial sends a strong signal to the opposing party that we are serious about winning full compensation for your losses.

Insurance companies vigorously defend trucking accidents

Any auto accident lawyer can tell you that insurance companies are highly motivated in their defense of commercial carriers. Because there's so much more money at stake, they do all they can to deny liability and minimize payouts. Timothy H. Hankins has the resources to confront these larger insurers, and because of our long track record of successful outcomes, insurance companies know they can't play games with low-ball offers.

Contact a truck accident attorney in Hampton, Williamsburg, Norfolk, Windson & surrounding areas

If you or a loved one has been harmed in an accident with a commercial truck, call Timothy H. Hankins for a free consultation and case evaluation. If we accept your case, it will be on a contingency fee basis, which means you pay no attorney’s fees until we recover money for you. Call today at 757-525-9883 or contact our office online.

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