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Experienced Newport News Family Law Attorney

Supportive yet aggressive representation for divorce in Virginia

If you're like most married people facing divorce, there are two things you want from your attorney: to understand your circumstances and vigorously assert your rights. The Law Offices of Timothy H. Hankins approaches family law issues with sensitivity and respect. But when litigation becomes necessary, we advocate as forcefully as we would in criminal court. The combination of empathy toward our client and aggressive tactics against the opposing party has yielded consistently positive results for our clients for more than 30 years. Our firm is ready and able to provide a full range of family law services, including:

  • Divorce and separation
  • Custody and visitation
  • Alimony and child support
  • Domestic violence defense
  • Wills

Empathetic lawyer in Hampton, Norfolk, Williamsburg & Yorktown, VA

Timothy H. Hankins maintains a small office where clients can meet comfortably with their attorney and relieve some of the stress of their pressing legal issues. We meet with many folks who are anxious about their future and have difficulty imagining that they can get through their current problems. Invariably, they leave our office feeling much better about their prospects. Maybe it's because they sense we care, or maybe, since they see we've been through difficult cases before, they develop confidence in our ability to help them. It might also be that they appreciate an attorney who is willing to speak plainly to them and explain in practical terms what they can expect in the days and weeks ahead.

Aggressive litigation of your family law issues

Your family law attorney must first understand your issues and then act decisively to solve them. For the most contentious issues associated with divorce, such as child custody and visitation, alimony and child support, it helps to have a skilled trial attorney with proven negotiation and litigation skills. If, during the divorce process, your spouse tries to undermine your bargaining position by alleging domestic violence, an attorney who's practiced extensively in criminal court is a great asset. Timothy H. Hankins has the range of experience necessary to ensure you're well represented no matter what comes up. As a full-service family lawyer in Hampton, Newport News and Yorktown, VA, Mr. Hankins also drafts reliable wills to ensure that your wishes are honored.

Contact a trustworthy family law attorney in eastern Virginia for a free consultation

If you're facing a difficult divorce or other family law issue, Timothy H. Hankins has the legal skill and experience to effectively represent your interests. Call us today at 757-525-9883 or contact our office online to schedule a free consultation.

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