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Electrocutions in Newport News, VA

Capable legal representation for injured parties

Fortunately, electrocution has become an uncommon problem in the United States. But that's little comfort if you're one of the few who are affected. In fact, the rarity of the injury makes it harder to find a qualified attorney who has successfully managed electrocution cases and won compensation for his clients. The Law Offices of Timothy H. Hankins has that experience, among the thousands of successful personal injury cases we've handled during more than 30 years of practice.

Electrical sources: friend and foe

Despite all of the marvelous benefits we get from electricity, it's still a deadly force. We see its destructive potential in nature when lightning strikes. But the same force can be unleashed through man-made devices, including:

  • Conducted electrical weapons (Tasers)
  • Household appliances
  • Industrial machinery
  • Power lines

Electrical injuries: apparent and hidden

Contact with powerful current, especially from an industrial source, can produce devastating and deadly injuries, including:

  • Arc and conductive burns -- made by direct contact with the source or an arcing current that courses through the body
  • Flash burns -- surface burns from the heat released from a burst of electricity
  • Flame burns -- sustained when electric current causes clothing to catch fire
  • Myonecrosis -- the destruction of muscle tissue
  • Cardiac arrest -- heart failure
  • Respiratory arrest -- lung failure
  • Coma
  • Blunt force trauma -- secondary injury caused when the current produces a single massive muscle contraction that throws the victim, producing concussion, loss of consciousness and other bodily harm
  • Myoglobinuria and renal failure -- muscle or organ destruction causing blood to be released into the urine, overburdening the kidney filtration system
  • Death -- electrocution is the fourth leading cause of work-related traumatic death

What is not readily apparent in electrocution is the damage done to internal organs, which can weaken and shut down over time. There are also long-term neurologic complications associated with electrocution. These include seizures, peripheral nerve damage, delayed spinal cord syndromes and psychiatric problems from depression to aggressive behavior. When making a claim for compensation, lawyers must be able to assess a client's current status and make a sound argument for future health loss due to the accident.

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